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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Help us Petition for a Cleaner Environment

Hello Everyone!

     Attached are two petitions to help make CSULB more sustainable.  If you are willing and able to print these out, pass these around, and make announcements in each of your classes we would be very appreciative!  The first petition is for banning plastic bags on campus (mainly the ones at the food courts) and the second petition is for banning plastic water bottles (specifically the 49er/Go Beach! water bottles) and transition to hydration stations. We need to have as many signatures as possible by the end of April, possibly earlier, so we need help ASAP!

     We also have a survey that goes along with the plastic water bottle ban/transition that we would like to have distributed to several general education classes.  Please email us if you would be willing to send your general education class one of these short (about 6 questions) surveys.

**Important Note: In order to petition outside of class, you must get a free soliciting permit for the day from the Student Life and Development (SLD) Center in the USU.  We want these petitions to be legitimate, so we want to do it the right way...which means daily permits for petitioning outside of class.  (No permit is necessary if you petition during a class). Once the petitions are filled as much as you can get them, please let us know, and remember: make sure people are not signing more than once.

Thank you in advance for all your help!

Nicole Bullum
Environmental Club
California State University, Long Beach
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