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Monday, September 27, 2010

Please help with Internships for Students!

To all current Environmental Club Members/Alumni/Friends,

The Environmental Science and Policy Department at CSULB is in the process of gathering information on Internship positions in the  environmental and related fields.

If you have done an Internship, are currently doing an Internship, or know of Internship positions that occur seasonally, annually, etc., please send Carol Philipp <cphilipp@csulb.edu> or Tiffany Chen <tchen3@csulb.edu> this information so we can disseminate this information to our current students seeking Internship positions.

We really appreciate your assistance in helping our students to succeed. Go Beach!

The environmental student organization and alumni really benefit from this because we sent out all of the internships available to our current & past members. The CSULB Environmental Club hopes to continue giving everyone opportunities in the environmental field even if they are not ES&P majors or have already graduated.

Thank you

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